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Master not only your reality, but tap into the power of various others. Witchwarpers can manipulate their current reality by using their Infinite Worlds action and their Warp, the witchwarper can use their power to warp the very existence they are in. The Witchwarper doesn't only come with the full class but also 2 class archetypes (the Infinite Gear Archetype and the Infinity Lash Archetype) and the Projected Archetype, someone who isn't supposed to be in this reality. Are you willing to mess with the fabric of reality? Find out with the Witchwarper class!

Technical Specifications

  • 20 pages (18 of content) plus 2 covers pages
  • 1 Full Class
    • 77 class feats
    • 16 Focus Spells
  • 2 Class Archetypes
  • 1 Archetype
  • 1 Multiclass Archetype

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Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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Do you get both Warps, or just one? It doesn't say it doesn't, but a later feat implies you only get one.

Is it intended that almost none of their abilities, including Infinite Worlds, have no traits like concentrate, manipulate, etc? Some do have traits, but only the teleportation feats consistently have magical traits and whatnot. 

Bolster Illumination says it gets its 8th level effect at 18th level.

Thank you for adding this to the Bundle.

update on the way soon, this was missing information. should be out within the next day or so!

There's been an update! Hope this helps! You do only get one warp!